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We specialise in customer acquisition, customer service, and customer insight campaigns on behalf of our clients.    We have experience working with businesses from just about every industry imaginable and have run campaigns calling New Zealand, Australia, the UK, and North America.  

While we excel in all types of customer interactions, we love outbound calling.  Whether it's business or consumer, sales or lead generation, appointment setting or courtesy calls to your customers, our team have got you sorted!

Our centre based in Christchurch, New Zealand, offers competitive pricing without compromising on quality. When comparing to other outsourced contact centres in destinations such as Sydney, Melbourne, Auckland, or Wellington, we offer a premium service without the premium price. 



The most important consideration is for us to understand your business thoroughly. Specifically, your sales targets, product values, differentiators, competitors, and the message you are taking to the marketplace. Understanding this allows us to establish a methodology and pricing model that guarantees a return on investment.


We interact with consumers in a wide variety of ways that enable our clients to deliver messages and obtain information to improve their marketing strategies.


Market Research 

Customer Surveys

Customer Data Analysis 

Database Enrichment

Through a range of surveys, opt-in campaigns, research, and decision-maker confirmation, outbound calling activities allows us to gather information and contacts for our clients. 


Inbound and Outbound Calling Social Media

Webchat Monitoring

Email Enquiry Management

Virtual Receptionist

Excellent service is paramount to retaining customers. We will assist in implementing best practice customer service or expanding on your existing team. 


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