Consulting, Content Marketing, Sales Pitch

 Sales Pitch Content Creation

Sales and lead Generation staff not converting enough new business meetings from their prospecting activities, struggling to get past gatekeepers, or crumbling at objection handling?

We offer a low cost, quick turnaround to these issues using the following steps:

· Our strategic questionnaire is completed by your sales and marketing manager or your solution expert

· We conduct an interview-style meeting to analyse the questionnaire and gain a deeper understanding of how you’re positioning and pitching your business

· We then go away and create a pitch document and other sales collateral to be used by your sales staff, resulting in more new business meetings and better close rates. 

· For a few additional hours, we can workshop with your team to role-play the content and prepare them for live calls. 

Turnaround time for this service can vary from 5 hours up to 20 hours depending on the depth and complexity of your product and services.

Corporate Sales Letters and Email Content Creation

One of the biggest issues we see is the poor quality of sales content, especially sales letters and emails. First impressions last, and if you don’t put through the right message at the introductory stage, then you risk burning another potential lead before you’ve had the chance to speak with them. 

Email content will be provided as a free supplementary service to accompany corporate letters. Most clients take this as an add-on service to our sales pitch content creation for better cost-efficiency. 

Lead Generation Training & Advice

We are always conducting market research and sales training in all the major cities from Sydney, Melbourne, Christchurch to Auckland, talking to our clients to identify what’s important to marketing and business executives. Some of the topics that are generally brought up during our discussions include:

· Budgeting advice and cost per lead: knowing how much you should be spending on various lead sources to achieve your annual new business acquisition targets, and if the costs per lead you’re paying 3rdparty providers are in line with market conditions.

· General advice on your overall marketing and lead generation activities – what lead generation techniques your business needs to generate and drive a larger volume of marketing qualified leads into the top the end of your sales funnel.

· Conversion rates, what you should expect from your various marketing activities based on your product/services, target market, and type of activity being undertaken.

· Process improvements – reviewing how you’re doing things currently to get sales leads and how to better manage your campaigns or 3rdparty providers.

As for training, we can train your team on how best to structure and pitch lead generation calls using the sales pitch content we create.